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The pilot station is currently equipped with 2 MARIMATECH positioning kits.

Pilots can also embark onboard equipped with IPAD tablet, interface that can be used as an aid to navigation (PPU) on various ships or in case of degraded atmospheric conditions connected with Cat Rot Single or dual antennas Navicom Dynamics brands or Trelleborg.

These kits were bought in 2006 following the arrival of container ships longer than 325 metres and larger than 40 metres passing through the François 1er lock. Nowadays, they are used on any large vessel needing two pilots. At the present time these kits are not for use by pilots carrying out a manoeuvre alone.

The Marimatech E-Sea Fix equipment is a positioning kit with independent DGPS receivers and chart system. Besides this independence, the system allows the pilot to have access to data relating to the heading, speed and position regardless of where the pilot stands on the bridge or wing.

ECDIS Manoeuvre Ame 2e

Setting up the whole equipment, including both of the GPS receivers, the transmitting case, and the PC, takes five minutes.